Why were the essays written by Poleni not translated yet ? Thoughts about translation’s historical methods of scientific Latin texts.

Giovanni_poleniA translation is based upon two concepts : heritage or tradition and break. In order to answer to this question : why were the essays written by Poleni not translated yet ?, I decided to examine how and why translate ad verbum  (word to word) through a few examples like :  Aristotle, Newton, Cicero, Sacro Bosco, Linné or Poleni himself. The translation ad verbum creates a new science’s vocabulary and the language of the scientists who wrote in Latin, is a mix between Greek, Latin or contemporary words. So I purpose, with Charles Batteux, some principles to translate a scientific text. And I link up this translation word to word and the quarrel between the Ancient and the Moderns (“On the shoulders of giants…” XVIIth century). Lire la suite

Traduction de l’essai de Giovanni Poleni « De Ergatae Navalis praestabiliore, facilioreque usu », Dissertatio, 1741.

Traduction de l’essai latin de Poleni sur l’amélioration du Cabestan, lauréat de l’Académie Royale des Sciences.